Small masterpiece

Near the wooden church (originally built around AD 1200)  deep in the mountain there is a amazing miniature. Details, description, some kind of magic. Great connection between colours…

Small churchIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”


Christmas ghost

The biggest “problem”with Christmas is inside us. Only one little thing can bring all to us. You see the light – yellow, small, you see branches of a Christmas tree – brown and green, you see the magic with your eyes. Then it’s appears deep in your heart, soul and body. Do you hear that – the music of Christmas carols. Doesn’t matter that we have November with rain, upper zero degrees, it all doesn’t matter – you feel the Christmas…Christmas


– Mom do you know why the sky is so strange ? There are so many colours ?
– It’s so difficult to explain but I will try… red colour means that there are places on earth where many people begin their last journey, their relatives will never see them again… yellow colour shows the thing that really rules our world.

– Mom I don’t understand !

– Yes, but you will understand that in the future.